Revision of Disability/War Injury Pension for Pre 01-01-2016 Pension Disbursing Authorities (PDAs) are not revising the pension of pre 01- 01-2016 retiree Armed Forces Personnel in terms of PCDA Allahabad Circular No. 596 dated 09 Feb 2018 under which method of re-computation of disability/war injury element before applying the multiplication factor of 2.57 has been provided.PCDA (Pen), Allahabad has given the direction to PDAs to revise the Disability/War Injury Pension of pre 01-01-2016 retirees as per GOI, MoD, letter dated 23-01-2018 till receipt of corr PPO based on Notional Pay Fixation method. Cases in which PDAs are facing any difficulty to identify the pensioner, if any, as mentioned at Para 5 of PCDA (Pen) Allahabad Cir No. 596 dated 09.02.2018, the case be forwarded to their Audit Section. PCDA (Pen) Circular No. 599 dated 05.06.2018 refers.

Restoration of Pension on Absorption in PSUs/Autonomous Bodies-Delinking of Qualifying Service of 33 years for Revised Pension from 01-01-2006

The Govt has decided that while determining the revised pension of the said category of absorber pensioners/family pensioners with effect from 01-01-2006, the pension/family pension shall also be revised with the provisions issued by the GOI, MoD letter No. 1(2)/2016- D(Pen/Pol) dated 30 Jun 2016 and 1(04)/2007/D(Pen/Pol) dated 20 Jun 2018.

Sahara Hostel for Naval Widows/Veer Naris
Sahara Hostel is a unique and first of its kind initiative by the Indian Navy for the welfare of the Naval widows/veer naris and aimed to provide support to the lady and their families in the period immediately after the unfortunate demise of their husband.

• Eligibility- Only those widows who have completed the requisite period in Govt accommodation after the demise of their husband are eligible to apply for stay in the hostel for one year. Priority will be given to the widow who is in need of emergency medical treatment for self/children or children studying in class X/XI/XII at New Delhi or any other widow in need.

• Hostel Charges- Monthly rental charges will be Rs 3,500/- for officers and Rs 2,500/- for sailors. Electricity/water/cable/telephone charges will be levied in addition to the monthly rental charges. Queries, if any, may be referred to the office of the Command Regimental System Officer (CRSO), 7th Floor Chanakya Bhawan, Chanakya Puri New Delhi – 110021, Phone. 011-24121429/24121430

Grant to Widows for Daughter’s Marriage
Widows of Naval personnel are given grant for marriage upto two daughters. The present rate is Rs 50,000/- per daughter. Widow will forward documents to INBA two months before the marriage. These are : wedding card, attested copy of birth/metric certificate for age proof, attested copy of PPO & discharge certificate with family details and a copy of self cancelled cheque showing banker details including IFS code and account number clearly.

Financial assistance upto Rs 1,00,000/- is also provided to ex-sailors who are facing acute financial distress and are in indigent circumstances for starting self help economic venture like KIOSKS etc to enable them to earn their livelihood with dignity. Application with requisite documents and details of service particulars to be forwarded to the Principal Director Non-Public Funds, Directorate of Non-Public Fund, IHQ of MoD (Navy), Sena Bhawan, New Delhi- 110011.

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