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For nearly two decades, SALUTE has been a popular publication for anything related to defence forces.

Our magazine and website are based on the analysis and deep insights from our readers- mostly serving and retired officers from the Armed Forces- on the current issues in the defence sector and on military history matters.

With our bevy of seasoned writers, what you have is a collection of carefully curated writing which readers like you cherish and enjoy.

Our magazine, ’SALUTE’ is published regularly and is read with interest by most senior officers in the Ministry of Defence, the Armed Forces and the Central Police Organisations, and is displayed at virtually every unit and library of India's armed forces, and in all the major Club libraries as well.

SALUTE cater to influential people, and has its share of keen readers with a niche readership for both, now in the range of 50,000 plus.

Apart from a wide variety of readers, SALUTE magazine also hosts exclusive events in the field of Aerospace and Defence around the theme of what India should Make and what weapons India should buy.

If our Forces excite and interest you, you are at the right place at the right time. Enjoy our stories and essays and do drop us your comments. You can reach us at 


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