Simplification of Pension Procedure for Permanently Disabled Children/ Siblings and Dependent Parents Pension disbursing agencies will make payment of ordinary family pension as procedure laid down in GOI, MOD letter No.1 (7)/2013-D(Pension/Policy) dated 15.05.2015. In case the name(s) of dependents of the deceased including dependent disabled children have been endorsed in the pension payment orders (PPOs), in such cases pension disbursing agencies should start payment to the dependents directly without referring it to pension sanctioning authorities. In those cases where the names of dependents have not been found endorsed in the pension payment order, the claim for endorsement of name for notification of ordinary family pension through corrigendum PPO will be processed and forwarded to pension sanctioning authorities through Army Headquarter/ Record Office concerned in the case of commissioned officer and JCOs/OR respectively.

PCDA, Pension Allahabad Circular No. 550 dated 09.10.2015 refers.

Simplification of Pension Payment Procedure: Submission of Certificates by Retiring Armed Forces Personnel along with Pension Papers As per Government of India, Ministry of Defence letter No. 3(01)/2015- D(Pen/Pol) dated 25 August 2015, it has been found that the first payment of pension after retirement gets delayed mainly due to two reasons i.e.

(i) due to delay in receipt of intimation by the pensioner that pension papers have reached the PDAs and

(ii) due to delay on the part of the pensioner in approaching the bank for submission of undertaking/non-re-employment/reemployment certificate. In order to simplify the pension payment procedure, it has been decided that required undertaking/status of nonreemployment/ re-employment after retirement may be obtained by the Services HQ/Record Offices from the retiring Armed Forces officer and personnel along with other documents before his retirement.

Aadhaar card number based biometric verification system for pensioners as an additional option for submission of life certificate by the pensioners has been introduced by the Government since November 2014. All the pension disbursing agencies will accept e-life certificate of the pensioners as annual life certificate which pensioner can submit online to his pension disbursing agency by registering themselves on www.jeevanpraman.

PCDA, Pension Allahabad circular No. 546 dated 10.09.2015 refers.

Revision of Pension of pre-2006 Commissioned Officer Pensioners/ Family Pensioners

After issue of GOI, Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensioners, Department of Pension & Pension Welfare letter No. 38/37/08-P & PW (A) dated 30.07.2015, it has been decided that the pension/family pension of all pre-2006 pensioners/family pensioners may be revised in accordance with Para 2 of GOI, MOD letter dt- 17.01.2013 with effect from 01.01.2006 instead of 24.09.2012. Pension disbursing authorities are hereby authorised to step up the pension/family pension of the affected Pre-2006 pensioners with effect from 01.01.2006 instead of 24.09.2012 and arrear of pension/ family pension shall be paid, if any. This provision shall take effect from 01.01.2006 and arrears, if any, shall be allowed from 01.01.2006 to 23.09.2012 and thereafter apply circular 500 dated 17.01.2013.

PCDA, Pension Allahabad Circular No. 548 dated 11.09.2015 refers.

Revision of Pension in r/o pre-2006 JCOs/ORs Pensioners/ Family Pensioners

Under the provision of Govt of India, Min of Defence letter No. 1(04)/2015/(1)- D(Pen/Pol) dated 3rd September, 2015 and PCDA Pen Allahabad circular No 547 dated 11.09.2015, revised tables indicating minimum guaranteed pension/ ordinary family pension has been annexed as Annexure-A for Army pensioners, Annexure-B for Air Force pensioners and Annexure-C for Navy pensioners from 01.01.2006 and arrears, if any, shall be allowed from 01.01.2006 up to the date where revised pension/family pension in terms of GOI, MOD letter No. PC 10(1)/2009-D (Pen/Pol) dated 08.03.2010 and No. 1(13)/2012/D (Pen/Policy) dated 17.01.2013 is lower. Pension disbursing authorities are authorised to step up the pension/family pension of the affected Pre-2006 pensioners.

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