Payment of Constant Attendance

Allowance (CAA) on monthly basis with disability pension/ war injury pension to armed forces personnel In case a pensioner drawing CAA becomes inpatient in any govt hospital/institute or is gainfully employed, he shall immediately report the matter to the PDA. Since CAA is being paid on the basis of annual declaration, any overpayment on account of CAA noticed with reference to the declaration shall be adjusted from monthly pension to the pensioner. PCDA (P), Allahabad Circular No. 543 dated 27 May 2015 refers.

Grant of Service Element to pre 30.08.2006 released non-regular officers in aggravation cases.

GOI, MoD has now modified the grant of disability element of non-regular officers released in low medical category. In case of aggravation too, service element of disability pension of non-regular officers would be calculated after taking into account the fully commissioned service rendered by them as calculated in case of regular commissioned officers. As such EC/SSC officers in aggravation cases would also be allowed the benefit of revision w.e.f 30.08.2006 as allowed to attributable cases vide MoD letter dated 30.08.2006. The terminal gratuity already paid has to be refunded as per existing orders. The PDA will obtain application from affected pensioners in terms of these orders for revision of their service element of disability pension and forward the same to respective PSA for notification of revised awards. PCDA (P), Allahabad circular No. 23 and file No.
G-1/M/02/ICO’s/Vol-XIV/2015 dated 27.05.2015 refers.

Simplification of pension process for permanently disabled children siblings and dependent parents.

To allow the family pension for life to any son or daughter, the appointing authority shall satisfy that the handicap is of such a nature so as to prevent him or her from earning his or her livelihood and the same shall be evidenced by a certificate obtained from a medical board comprising of a medical superintendent or a principal or a director or head of institution or his nominee as chairman and two other members, out of which at least one shall be a specialist in particular area of mental or physical disability including mental retardation setting out, as far as possible, the exact mental or physical condition of the child. As per GOI, MoD letter No. PN/7995/D(Pen/Pol)2010 dated 01.10.2010, the family pension to the dependent disabled siblings shall be payable if the siblings were wholly dependent upon the armed force personnel immediately before his or her death and deceased armedforcespersonnel is not survived by a widow or an eligible child or eligible parents.

In terms of GOI, MoD letter No.B/38207/AG/PS4/931/B/D(Pen/Ser ) dated 06.08.1998, the family pension to the parent shall be payable if parents were wholly dependent on armed forces personnel immediately before his or her death and the deceased armed force personnel is not survived by a widow or an eligible child.

The authorisation as indicated above shall be made in PPO or by issuing a revised PPO if a child, parents or siblings is authorised for family pension after issue of the PPO. The revised PPO shall take the usual route to the pension disbursing authority to start family pension to the permanently disabled child/sibling or dependent parent after the death of the pensioner/spouse/ other family pensioner, as the case may be, on the basis of PPO/revised PPO.

Note: If pensioner marries/remarries after the death of first spouse or adopts a child, such spouse/child may be eligible for family pension at the time of death of pensioner or death/ineligibility of the spouse. A child adopted by spouse of the pensioner shall not be treated as member of family of the deceased pensioner. A decision regarding grant of family pension in such cases will be taken by the appointing authority in terms of AI 51/80. MoD (Fin) UO No. 10(01)/2015/FIN/PEN dated 24.03.2015 refers.

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