Revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners/ family pensioners in implementation of Govt. decision on the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission concordance tables

Revision of pension/family pension of all Armed Forces Personnel who retired/died prior to 01.01.2016 under first formulation was to be revised by notionally fixing their pay in the pay matrix recommended by the 7thCPC in the level corresponding to the pay in the pay scale/pay band and grade pay at which they retired/died. This was to be done by notional pay fixation under each intervening pay commission based on the formula for revision of pay. The revised rates of Military Service Pay, Non Practising Allowance, where applicable, and ‘X’ Group pay & Classification Allowance for JCOs/OR, if applicable, notified in terms of 7thCPC orders, also to be added to the amount of pay notionally arrived at under the 7thCPC pay matrix and termed as notional reckonable emoluments as on 01.01.2016. The higher of the two Formulations i.e. the pension/family pension already revised in accordance with Gol, MoD letter No. 17(01)/2016-D(Pen/Pol) dated 29th October 2016 and modified vide letter No. 17(01)/2017 (01)/D(Pen/Policy) dated 04.09.2017 or the revised pension/family pension worked out in accordance with Para 5 above, shall be granted to pre-2016 Armed Force Pensioners as revised Pension/Family Pension w.e.f. 01.01.2016.

Record Offices will prefer/forward the claims for revision of pension in respect of Pre-1.1.2016 pensioners/family pensioners in accordance with the instructions given in PCDA (Pen) Allahabad Circular No. 585 dated 21.09.2017 by using this concordance table for fixing the notional pay of the pensioner. However, it is informed that the LPC-cum-Data Sheet circulated in Circular No. 585 dated 21.09.2017 is under modification along with amendment in the software program. A utility program in this regard is also under development. The same, along with detailed instructions will follow shortly. PCDA (Pen) Allahabad circular No. 608 dated 26 Oct 2018 refers.

Revision of pension of pre-01.01.2016 pensioners/family pensioners in implementation of Govt. decision on the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission on notional pay fixation 

Consequent upon issuance of the concordance table vide GoI, MoD letter No. 17(1)/2017(02)/D(Pension/Policy) dated 17.10.2018, revision of pension under notional pay fixation method is to be carried out by the PSAs concerned by issuing Corr. PPO. To enable PSAs to implement the GOI, MOD letter dated 5.09.2017 para-18 clearly specifies that it shall be the responsibility of the concerned Record Offices and attached Pay Account Offices in case of JCOs/OR of the three Services and PCDA(O) Pune/AFCAO New Delhi/Naval Pay Office, Mumbai in case of Commissioned Officers of Army/Air Force/Navy to initiate cases for revision of pension/family pension of Pre-01-012016 pensioners/family pensioners with effect from 01.01.2016 in accordance with these orders for issue of revised Pension Payment Order (PPO) for every pensioner/family pensioner. The Pension Sanctioning Authority would impress upon the concerned Record Offices/PCDA (O) Pune/ AFCAO New Delhi/Naval Pay Office, Mumbai for fixation of pay on notional basis based on extant orders and will issue revised Pension Payment Authority at the earliest.

To carry out revision through normal conventional method of calling for LPC-CUM- Data Sheet from RO with vetting of Pay details by PAO concerned may be a herculean task and would be time consuming. Therefore, it has been proposed to carry out suo-moto revision subject to the approval of Ministry of Defence, wherever feasible based on PDA details and pay details (and other info like Rank Group, QS) wherever available in master data base and based on notional Pay fixation as per Concordance table for 7th CPC issued vide GOI. MOD letter dated 17/10/2018. Initiation for remaining cases where suo- moto is not feasible, in such cases claims/inputs will be required from concerned RO/PAO to authenticate the pensioner details. To carryout effective, paperless and speedy revision, a utility software has been developed by PCDA (P) office to be hosted on CGDA WAN to make available all the data of Pre-2016 JCOs/OR pensioners/family pensioners for access, modification, initiation (if not found available in database of PCDA(P) on search) and for fixation of 7th CPC pay details by respective RO/PAO in line with MOD letter dated 05/09/2017 (Para 18). Due care has been taken to account for all the cases of live pensioners however still if any case is missing, the same may be floated through this utility by RO/PAO and forwarded online through utility.

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