What is the procedure to be followed by the bank branch if the pensioner is handicapped/ incapacitated and is not in a position to be present at the paying branch?
If the pensioner is physically handicapped/incapacitated and unable to be present at the branch, the requirement of personal appearance is waived. In such cases, the bank official visits the pensioner’s residence/hospital for the purpose of identification and obtaining specimen signature or thumb/toe impression.

Can an Individual seek civil employment by getting a No Objection Certificate from the Army?
An individual who has one year to retire can apply for No Objection Certificate for appearing for a civil employment test/ interview. The application for a No objection Certificates should be sent to Record Office.

Whom to approach if Pension Disbursing Agency i.e. bank and DPDO do not pay correct pension?
If pension is not being paid as notified in Defence Service Corps PPO or as subsequently revised, pensioner should first approach the concerned bank / DPDO. If the problem is still not resolved, the pensioner should immediate approach his Record Office with full details of Pension Disbursing Agency. The Pensioner can also approach the Defence Pension Liaison Cell, c/o Head Quarter Allahabad Sub Area, Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh).

What action is required to be taken by pensioner, if the Pension Payment Order sent by Record Office has not been received by the Bank?
It is the duty of every pensioner, 20 days after discharge, to inquire whether the Pension Disbursing Agency (PDA) has received the PPO. In case the Pension Disbursing Agency has not received the PPO, a loss certificate should be obtained and forwarded directly to PCDA (P), Allahabad which will issue a duplicate (PPO) under intimation to Record Office.

The Pension Payment Order (PPO) has been issued for the rank of Subedar/ Subedar Major whereas the honorary rank of Lt/ Capt has been granted on active list?
The claim for service pension is submitted to PCDA (P), Allahabad at least four months in advance. Therefore, the Pension Payment Order (PPO) is notified for rank of Subedar and Subedar Major rank. After the receipt of the Pension Payment Order (PPO), the LPC is amended and duly audited and the Corrigendum Pension Payment Order (PPO) is issued authorising pension for Honorary Commission.

Discharge order has been issued at short notice and Pension Payment Order (PPO) has not been issued?
Discharge orders are issued 12 months in advance. However, in some cases, discharge orders are issued at short notice due to unavoidable reasons, such as; drop in criteria during the enhanced service; medical grounds; placement in a permanent low medical category; or red ink entry during the enhanced service. Such individuals are required to be discharged at short notice as per policy. Therefore it is obvious that their Pension Payment Order (PPO) can be issued only after their discharge from service. A time tested system is in place in Record Office which ensures that the discharge benefits are processed and sanctioned within the shortest possible time.

How to get the birth of a child published after discharge from service?
Birth of a child published after discharge from service can be published by submitting the following document to the Record Office, through the appropriate Zila Sainik Welfare Office:
1. Birth certificate from the birth registrar.
2. An application, from individual concerned, declaring the birth.
3. Certificate from the school giving details of school record of name, parents’ name, date of birth (applicable for children born during the service of individual and studying in school).
If document are found in order by the Record Office, the necessary Part II order will be published after obtaining sanction of the Officer in Charge Records.

Is there any provision to change the date of birth of children?
As per existing policy, date of birth once recorded in the service document, cannot, and will not be changed.

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