The response we received from the general public about their expectations from the second tenure of the Modi-led government was tremendous. Here we publish some of the hopes and desires of across section of the Indian public. Editor


As a first step, I would like to see the revocation of Article 370 and Article 35A.

Sam Bharadwaj


Kindly lay greater emphasis and give attention to the environment.

Kersi Dotiwalla


Our present problem is unemployment. All cannot get government jobs, therefore there is a need to create more jobs in private sector with emphasis on manufacturing and services.

Lt Gen Ashok Kapur


Give priority to agrarian issues and mitigate farmer’s problems. Create employment opportunities for youth and facilitate ease of doing business by removing bottlenecks in GST. Lay emphasis on women welfare schemes to make them self- reliant. More funds to be allocated to Defence for acquisition of latest arms and ammunition and defence related research. Abrogate Article 370 and 35A and have a holistic approach to taking minorities together in the path of development.

H.S. Saraswati


Give priority to farmers. Holdings have dwindled and output reduced. Farmers get peanuts for their produce. In the education sector, History text books must be re-written to remove the biases which were introduced by motivated historians, wherein most Indian forts and palaces have been misappropriated by foreign rulers.

Col Dharam Raj Singh


I have a few points in relation to the Armed Forces. First, there should be no bureaucratic interferences in matters relating to the Armed Forces. Two, Please ensure that we have a permanent and strong Defence Minister. Three, there is an urgent need to revive the prestige of the Armed Forces. Fourth, infiltrators, especially in the Northeast & West Bengal are a potential security hazard. They must be identified and removed. And fifthly, we need to take good care of our environment, to steer India towards a green future.

Col Shakti Ranjan Banerjee


We need to remove Article 370 and 35A. There is also an urgent need for labour, police and judicial reforms. Ease of doing business must be facilitated and corruption at the lower levels must be clamped down. Reforms are also required in the education sector. The aspect of merit must be considered while making appointments such as Vice Chancellors.

Vikas Thakur

I have a list of five priorities for Modi 2.0

•Control population growth. It outstrips ability to create new jobs, renders void all development efforts and uneven growth of certain communities adds to social problems.
•Judicial and Police reforms are a must. Need to exercise care in the appointment of judges.
•National Security needs to be handled by one agency—both internal and external threats. Be watchful of Kartarpur Corridor and .check Khalistan movement sponsored from Canada.
•Articles 370 and 35A needs removal immediately. Within first six months . All Hurriet , NC and PDP leaders be removed from Kashmir.
•Rout out mischievous elements such as cow vigilantes or those who abuse national icons.

Col Rajinder Singh Kachhwaha


First and foremost is ‘Sabka Saath’…take all on board…there has been too much of bad blood shed by all in the last few months…. Exit from the election mode and think of the national interest only.

Col SP Singh


I have ten points. 1, I hope the government appoints a CDS soonest. 2, can we have the IAS moved out of the Ministry of Defence. 3, Police reforms are long overdue. 4,Judicial reforms are also required. Here, could we have a system whereby the UPSC conducts the national exams for the judiciary and for judges moving up the chain on merit. 5, We need better water management. 6, the government could consider doing away with income tax altogether and put all goods and services including fuel under GST. 7,Forest reforms are required and encroached land must be recovered. 8, Construct at least 25,000 lakes across India and connect them to resolve water table crisis. 9, Structure national board and make it more interactive and capable of bringing forth leaders rather than parrots and 10, permit lateral induction of military officers into the civil services.

Arpan Dixit


Government programmes should be people friendly. Special status to Defence Services must be restored. The many PILs pending against the Govt in Supreme Court need to be attended in the interest of the country. Need to be tough with Pakistan & China.

TSN Murthy


A historic second mandate comes with immense responsibility to increase the pace of India’s progress manifold. A few things I believe the new Government should concentrate on and deliver are:
•Solve water crisis: Connect rivers, build irrigation channels, restore water bodies, support afforestation, etc.
Education: Support top Institutes to become World-class, improve basic infrastructure in public schools and institutes, update curriculum for the 21st century, invest more on human resources.
•Implement Uniform Civil Code: Very complex but implementation can be done in phases and should be initiated immediately.
•Remove Article 370 & 35A.
•Judicial reforms: Time-bound delivery system, invest in resources, digitisation, etc.
•Online Government services: All Central & State Government services should be digitised and made online.
•Build more cities, improve urban infrastructure, focus on pollution.
•Police reforms: Time-bound investigation, better infrastructure, break the nexus with Governments.
•Free market policies should be explored and implemented in relevant sectors.
•Build infrastructure to make transfer of goods from farm to market easier & faster.
•Invest heavily in tourism: Includes better law and order, cleanliness and support to tourists.
•Tax & regulation exemptions to SMEs & MSMEs.
•Achieve all 75 milestones listed in its manifesto by 2022.

Pushpak Chakraborty


I offer nine points for the consideration of the Government:
1.Re-structure Ministry of Defence with at least 50 percent defence officers.
2.Strengthen military capability by fast tracking acquisition of State of Art weapons & equipment and give a fillip to the make in India campaign.
3.Increase internal security network and counter hostile subversion through an effective perception management campaign.
4.Serious efforts must be made at population control.
5.Mitigate farmers distress and increase employment avenues for youth.
6.Abrogate Articles 370 and 35A, implement a Uniform Civil Code and abolish triple talaq.
7.Rehabilitate on priority in their original homes, the lakhs of Kashmiri Hindus who were forced out of their homes. At the same time, keep the Hurriyat leaders in Kashmir under a security scanner and curb all hate speeches.
8.All ‘infiltrators’ must be identified anddeported.
9.Restrictions be imposed on use of loudspeakers for prayers and use of roads and public parks for prayer to avoid public inconvenience.

Col Bishwajit Gon


The following is a gist of six key interventions which I hope for from the Modi 2.0 government:
•Treat all religions equally, providing equal rights to all. In addition, enact Freedom of Religion Act to prevent interference in practice and propagation of native Hindu and Indic Traditions, Customs and Rituals.
•Repeal FCRA completely and ban all foreign money inflow through FCRA, except for the funds from OCIs. Also end interference of foreign governments in our Judiciary, Law & Policy making.
•Abrogate Article 370 and repeal Article 35A of the Constitution.

Thereafter, trifurcate Jammu & Kashmir into separate states/UTs of Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh.
•Establish Haindava Samskruti Jeernoddhara Nigam (CPSU), with a seed fund of at least 10,000 Cr for restoration of dilapidated temples and architecture for preservation and propagation of Hindu (native Indian) literature, arts, dance forms, culture and traditions.
•Guarantee citizenship to the persecuted people, practicing Indian origin religions (Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists), by Enactment of a New Citizenship Act Bill and withdraw all amendments to Existing Citizenship Act Bill.
•Provide equal opportunities to all Indian languages.

Brig Ajai Singh


My recommended priorities for the Modi 2.0 government are as under:
Create meaningful employment for youths.
Remove all third party or contractual jobs in government offices.
Fill all vacancies in government institutions by regular employees selected through competitive examinations.
Increase budgetary allocation for primary and secondary education with focus on improving the basics and concepts.
Provide access to all to quality healthcare.
Lay stress on the modernisation of Armed Forces.
Continue with the digital India initiative to improve governance. Keep a check on the realty sector.

Bhaskar Kanungo


My recommendations to the Government are as under:
1.Integrate the people of Kashmir and abrogate Article 370.
2.Ensure development in rural areas.
3.Secure confidence of minorities
4.Do away with reservations for all.
5.Lay emphasis on waterways and integration of rivers.
6.Establish close bonds with all neighbouring countries.
7.Continue strengthening Defence Forces.
8.Do not humiliate Nation’s past leaders.
9.Lay emphasis on job creation.

Maj Gen Vinay Bhatnagar


In my view, Article 370 must be revoked and the fact be made clear to the international community. Alongside, plan and implement the upgradation of the Armed Forces, to be capable of taking on any threat. Continue with the Nation First policy, but see that people do not make meaningless statements which cause disharmony and sets back the efforts of the government.

Col Balraj Rathee


We need a Uniform Civil Code, easier DPP and OROP as defined by the Koshiyari Committee. Take a strong stance against terrorists and expedite corruption cases in respect of politicians.

Rajeshwer Sharma


Please restore the properties of all those Hindus who were forced to flee from Kashmir.

Raghubir Singh Pathania

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