The Navy has a support system in place that provides avenues for the naval community to give social and emotional support to each other. From a modest beginning in 1967, NWWA has evolved to become an effective NGO, supplementing the efforts of the navy in the areas of community welfare and development. The most striking and reassuring feature of this support system is its wide reach amongst the community. From adorable toddlers to elderly senior citizens, NWWA has its footprints all over.

NWWA has specialized groups that develop contemporary programmes in the field of Welfare and Women Empowerment, Community Support, Education, Healthcare and Social Welfare as well as Environment. A large number of these initiatives address the day- to- day issues, whilst others bring long-term benefits to the society in general.

Towards Women Empowerment and Welfare, it runs block printing classes, where traditional Indian textile art of block printing is taught. It trains the volunteers on job as it does with its tailoring and handicraft classes. Similar training is also provided at NWWA beauty centres for various durations and courses. Vocational training is nurtured by systematic classes in jewellery-making, tailoring, embroidery, painting and many other similar short duration or diploma courses. Certified spoken English courses are also conducted. To continue its focus on self-betterment and growth, NWWA (WR) under the guidance of its President, Mrs Gagandeep Cheema, has formed a new wing called Chetna, which facilitates certified vocational courses in partnership with professional institutes.

Towards Community Support, NWWA organizes programmes across all age groups. Senior citizens are invited to participate in spiritual discourse, bhajansandhyas andoutdoor activities such as temple visits, picnics or cruises. There are counseling centres to lend shoulder to those in grief or distress including a rehabilitation centre for those who have to bear the loss of their loved ones. Children have a special place in this set-up. Modern day care centres for the ‘tiny tots’ are professionally run and managed by NWWA. Specially-abled children have their own school, Sankalp, which endeavours to create a loving and caring atmosphere for their all-round development. NWWA also provides avenues for expressing creativity through its cultural centre, entertainment wing and communication group. Writing, music, art, danceand theatre are among the creative pursuits encourages. Specific classes for fitness (aerobics, zumba, and yoga), art and craft are regularly held and popularly subscribed to by the naval community.

Education is the foundation of a civilized society and NWWA strives to promote education among children of not just the Naval fraternity but also accommodates the needs of the underprivileged. Pre-school for toddlers bring quality pre-kindergarten schooling to children of naval families. The Little Angels Schools have a formidable reputation as nursery schoolswith best training methods incorporated in the curriculum. In addition, NWWA provides scholarships and cash prizes to deserving students at NCS. Together with the Navy Children School, NWWA conducts various cocurricular activities such as inter-school quiz and debate competitions.

In the realm of Healthcare and Social Welfare, NWWA plays a key role in spreading awareness and keeping the community informed and aware through talks, workshops, health camps and seminars. Blood donation camps and health check-ups are frequently programmed, as also workshops on stress management, cancer, lifestyle diseases, nutrition and other similar topics. NWWA, undertakes beneficial activities connected with other local fishermen and weaver communities, orphanages, villages or old-age homes. In recent times, NWWA has strived to address environmental issues by promoting ‘go green’ initiatives, recyclingand discouraging use of disposable plastics, garbage disposal and waste management. Nature treks, workshops and interactive sessions on water harvesting, global warming and pollution control and deforesting have been promoted with active participation of the naval community. NWWA enables social and emotional health of the Naval Community. It continues to play a meaningful role in support of the seagoing service.

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