Welfare of seagoing personnel and their dependants is an important area of attention for the Navy. At the Western Naval Command this aspect is treated as a Key Result Area. The issue of separation from family is particularly accentuated in the Navy due to the unique nature of the sea-going profession. Once a ship or a submarine sails, one loses complete touch with ones loved ones. With the increased spread and frequency of Naval deployments the issue of Family Welfare has assumed higher importance. Seized of the importance of this issue, the Western Naval Command has constantly strived to give the families a sense of security and well being. This has been undertaken through implementation of far reaching welfare schemes that address various aspects unique to life in the Navy.

The first issue that is addressed is housing. While existence of ‘Naval Quarters’ has predated the formation of this command, capacity enhancement, renovation and modernisation of amenities have been undertaken with a futuristic approach and attention to detail. Good quality dwelling units, enclosed in secured environment, have been the hallmark of this approach. These complexes also include impressive green cover that provides for healthy open spaces for the residents.Dedicated theme based parks are available to provide the residents recreational space for different agegroups. Markets and food courts operating out of them cater to all basic necessities and provide an avenue for informal interactions within the Naval fraternity. The presence of gymnasiums, fields for team sports such as football, hockey etc also enhance living standards considerably. Towards entertainment, screening of good quality regional, Hindi and English movies in in-house cinema theatres is regularly organised.

Good quality, affordable schooling in close proximity to the family quarters is another key focus area. The Naval KG has the distinction of being Asia’s largest kindergarten and probably India’s largest nursery. Naval Children’s Schools and KendriyaVidyalayas form the back–bone of the Command’s endeavours to provide good quality education. These schools also provide avenues to qualified spouses of Naval Personnel to teach and groom the next generation.

Promotion of distance learning programmes (through IGNOU) and vocational training initiatives have aided enhance personal qualifications and self esteem in addition to preparing families for the inevitable transition from service to civilian lives.

service to civilian lives. If happy living, personal improvement and security are desirables, good health and timely medical intervention are prerequisites. Towards this the WNC houses one premium well staffed hospital in each of its major stations. These hospitals provide health care for all personnel and families in their jurisdiction. Postretirement health care is also assured for personnel through the Ex- Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS).

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