ECHS Membership to Disabled Son

Son of ECHS members, suffering from any permanent disability of any kind (Physical/mental) subject to disability under Person with Disability (PWD) Act 1995 being 40% or higher is eligible for ECHS benefits irrespective of age limit and irrespective of the fact that he is married or not. The person should not be in a condition to earn his livelihood as stipulated. DESW letter No. 22D (15)/2017/WE/D(Res-i) dated 05 Dec 2017 and Central Org ECHS letter dated 08 Jan 2018 refers.

Advisory on Fixed Medical Allowance

ECHS Scheme is optional for all pre Apr 2003 retirees and joining of Scheme is sole decision of ESM. As per IHQ of MoD ID No. 22(1)/01/us(we)/d (Res) dated 30 Dec 2002, FMA is forfeited once an ESM joins the Scheme. ECHS is compulsory for all post Apr 2003 retirees. Release/cessation of pay and allowances from Pension of ESM is subject matter of Pension Disbursing Agencies and respective Bankers. Once ESM joins the scheme, no provision exists for discontinuation of membership and issue of non membership certificate.

Identification/verification of additional documents produced by Defence Forces pensioners in absence of Aadhaar number Ministry of Defence, Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare Notification No. 14(2)/2014/D(P/P) (Part-1) published in Gazette of India in 02 Mar 2017 vide No. S.O. 747(e), provides that till the Aadhaar is assigned to the beneficiary of pension benefits, benefits shall be given to such individuals subject to production of certain identification documents as given in the said notification. All Pension Disbursing Authorities are advised to check the identification documents till Aadhaar is assigned to the pension beneficiaries. Especially as per clause b (i) and (ii) of Notification No. S.O.747 (e). PCDA (Pension) Allahabad, circular No. 197 of 10 Jan 2018 refers.

Financial Assistance to Non-Pensioner ESM for Medical Treatment (Upto rank of Havildar/Equivalent)

Non-pensioner ESM who were sent out of services early in their life due to organisational constraints or discharged at their own request have no such medical cover. With ever increasing costs of health care, it become extremely difficult for non-pensioner ESM to combat diseases especially in old age. At such age, medical expenses push such ESM into a state of poverty and loss of dignity. The scheme (AFFDF) provides financial assistance to non-pensioners or their widow with an amount depending upon nature and gravity of ailment. For the medical treatment out of AFFDF is provided up to a maximum of Rs 30,000/- per year per eligible ESM/widow, in a financial year. The expenditure must be incurred on treatment at recognised government hospital at rates approved under CGHS/ECHS. Application of eligible non-pensioner or their widow will be routed through from ZSB to KSB.

ECHS Beneficiaries to Redress their Grievances

Following options are available for seeking to redress the grievances:

(a) Online

  1. CP GRAM – Centralised Public Grievance Redress & Monitoring System run by Deptt of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances, Govt of India can be accessed on web site Grievance related to ECHS are automatically routed to DoESW/Central Org ECHS.
  2. Army Veterans Grievance Handling Portal – This portal is launched by Army Veteran Cell for redressing grievances of our esteem veterans. The web id of this portal is http://indianarmyveterans.

(b) E-Mail. E-mail to the Director (Complaint & Litigation) on his e-mail id

(c) WhatsApp

WhatsApp No (9868857972) is functional known as ‘Shape Your Scheme’ and ‘Save Your Scheme’ for enhancement of effectiveness and reporting of issues by beneficiaries.

(d) Normal post. Forward grievances at following address

Director (Complaint & Litigation) Central Organisation ECHS Adjutant General’s Branch Integrated HQ of MoD (Army) Maude Line Delhi Cantt-10

(e) Helpline No. Call helpline No. 1800114115.

(f) Tele Call. Tele/Mob Nos of all appointments of Central Org ECHS, Regional Centres and Polyclinics are available on ECHS website.

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