The Gyroplane is an aerial platform which is a re-emerging technology; it draws its basic avionics principles from both the Airplane (Fixed winged) and from a helicopter (Rotary wing) platforms. The Gyroplane operates on the principle of Auto-rotation which makes it the safest aircraft in flight.

Characteristics & USP

  • Versatile, easily maneuverable and agile aerial Platform.
  • Very Cost effective. Costs 1/10th cost of a conventionalHelicopter.
  • Extremely Safe.
  • No elaborate Infrastructure required to operate and maintain it.
  • Very easy to learn how to fly at negligible cost.
  • Operates on normal petrol making it one of the most
  • convenient aircraft.


For the military and border guarding forces, the gyroplane could be used for border patrolling, area domination, air surveillance, convoy protection and coastal guarding. It also has utility as an air ambulance, especially in remote areas.

For police forces, it could be useful for law enforcement, providing an eye in the sky to monitor trouble spots. Some of the ways in which law enforcement agencies can use the gyroplanes are as under:

  • In anti terror operations, it could be used to function as an aerial command and control centre with a commander on board to take decisions in real time based on the developing situation.
  • An aerial platform such as a gyroplane is advantageous in addressing concerns related to trafficking of humans, animals or poaching.
  • Riots are a common feature in the country and have a tendency of erupting in the most unpredictable manner, time and place. Correct, sensitive yet firm handling of Riots is an essential skill which the Police Force has to be capable of. A gyroplane fitted with appropriate cameras and sensors will be useful in monitoring and controlling the situation as also in providing evidence which could be used for prosecution of the rioters later. A similar use could be made in case of communal riots, which could bring the situation rapidly under control.
  • A more mundane use, but nevertheless an important function could be to use the gyroplane for purposes of traffic management and for highway patrols. They could also be used to check encroachments, illegal mining, VIP protection etc.

Disaster management is another area where the gyroplane has great utility. They could be used to drop supplies, act as communication and command posts and also be used for casualty evacuation or for transporting rescue personnel, doctors and others into the disaster zone.

Considering the multiple security challenges that we are faced with today, the gyroplane may perhaps be a useful tool in the hands of the military and the security forces.

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