Dear Sir,

Your December issue carries articles giving hope for peace in Kashmir. It is welcome but we should not ignore the following facts. The funeral of every militant draws a large local crowd shouting sympathy with their cause. Even Abdullah is talking the language of Hurriyat and he has a considerable following. The direction to file FIR in every case of encounter death will impose caution on security forces and make militants more bold. Some people who displayed Pakistan flag and shouted pro-Pakistan slogans have neither been identified nor punished.

—S C Sharma

Dear Sir,

The article by Jay Bhattacharjee in your Dec-Jan issue is an outstanding analysis of the paralysis of Indian so-called intellectuals and secularists. His knowledge of Indian and French histories and legal knowledge is phenomenal. Unlike the ancient Chinese civilisation which has kept everything intact even today, the great Indian civilisation, which is the only other living civilisation has been substantially destroyed by the invaders, a fact which should be recognised by the historians and intellectuals. Our culture is fractured, our patriotism is fractured and our idea of India is fractured. India is the only country of the world where its own people are not proud of their ancient culture, literature and language. The people who created Sanskrit and the treasure of Sanskrit literature and treatise must have been great people. If the Germans lived in India instead of us, they would have certainly made Sanskrit as their national and official language of India.

—Prof PK Brahma

Dear Sir,

An excellent and a penetrating piece by Mr Jay Bhattacharjee, whose logic is both unassailable and illuminating. It has the force of truth. He piles fact upon fact before which the entire edifice of falsehoods so brazenly propagated by the disgusting Lutyens media crumbles into dust. His honesty and sincerity of purpose come through unmistakably and will act as an inspiration to those like me who have always taken on the cabal of Congress and its cohorts in the media, academia and the treacherous leftists on various platforms. Mr Bhattacharjee never shrinks from shredding their mask of hypocrisy into tatters. He has made it his life’s mission to target goons and criminals masquerading as politicians, who act like paragons of virtue while betraying the country.

—Sudip Talukdar

Dear Sir,

The article by Jay Bhattacharjee is amazingly perceptive and insightful. The author has provided information and facts that are germane and educative. Thank you for providing us an opportunity to read an article of this calibre.

—Mohan Ramaswamy

Dear Sir,

Jay Bhattacharjee is a person with whom I shared my salad days in Calcutta in the 1960s but our paths never (unfortunately) met. During one of my next visits to the old country, I will make it a point to catch up with him for the first time ever, and discuss the issues that interest both of us. I admire his writings, as also his grasp of issues and his exemplary breadth of knowledge, which enable him to assess important subjects most perceptively. In this latest essay, he has incisively exposed the perfidious mind-set of the Lutyens zone oligarchy in a manner that deserves our wholehearted praise. I doff my hat to him. My thanks to your journal for this exquisite essay.

—Cyrus Katrak

Dear Sir,

Your editorial in the Dec-Jan issue of SALUTE is the most apt analysis of the situation on the ground in the Northeast. The section dealing with Manipur is still more honest. The fact is that the underground outfits have to be neutralised by the present regime by delinking them from the disgruntled politicians who are hand in glove with them. Nevertheless, it’s a good piece of editorial. Kudos.

—Prof JK Patnaik

Dear Sir,

Your issue on North East India is very well written and analysed. The NER will contributeimmensely towards progress of India and our trade with east Asia will flourish once road link with Thailand is commissioned.

—Laxman Singh

Dear Sir,

Your analysis of things has most of the times been facts based, convincingly logical and devoid of rhetoric!There is a “matured depth” in views expressed. Superb.

—Col KR Yashpal Singh Jasrotia

Dear Sir,

The article on Nepal by Brig CS Thapa is really a matter to ponder on. The post Madhesi developments are the clear indicator that India has to shed off its big brotherly attitude towards Nepal.

—Nirmal K Pun

Dear Sir,

The article by Air Commodore AD Chhibbar, is excellent narration as usual! What it conveys loud and clear is that happiness is a state of mind. Proves the old adage that any bloody fool can make himself uncomfortable, however a little bit of effort/improvisation can result in happiness out of proportion.


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