Dear Sir,
The requirement of a CDS is a foregone conclusion. We need CDS but CDS by itself will not be able to resolve the problems of the defence establishment. The appointment of CDS has to be accompanied with structural reforms as also reforms to systems and processes of our higher defence organisation. For this, I feel we have to change the present narrative which is largely focussed on the negatives i.e. threat of coups, rank equivalence to a more positive narrative of how the reforms will enhance operational efficiency and administrative effectiveness. The Summer issue of CLAWS Journal carries my article wherein I have gone further and attempted to define the relationship between the CDS, when and if he will be appointed, with the Defence Secretary. This may be of interest to your readers also.
—Col Rajneesh Singh

Dear Sir,
Security of the nation has not quite been in the upper crust of any governments agenda. As long as there is a disciplined, dedicated, battle hardy Indian Army that does its duty quietly with what ever it has, the politician and bureaucrat sits back comfortably. Even then, nice to have enlightening debates such as this one in Salute on whether we need to have a CDS or otherwise.
—Maj Gen Harwant Krishan

Dear Sir,
This refers to the Point Counterpoint debate in SALUTE, on the need or otherwise, to have a CDS. It appears that Mr Mitra is influenced by IAS lobby. How can he say that advice given by CDS would be bad and is better ignored. Does he want to say that babus and politicians are more patriotic and intelligent than the soldiers. Defence Ministers he has mentioned are intelligent, I agree but some time they may not be aware of facts. Therefore they require an expert adviser on matters military. The idea of military coup in India is impossible/ absurd.From where do these ideas generate?
—Col Narender Singh Tanwar

Dear Sir,
Very informative and needs to be taken cognisance of immediately. There is a need to have a National Defence Advisor (NDA) as an interim till much awaited CDS fructifies. Procrastination on CDS implementation is like sitting on a timebomb.
—Brig Vinayak Ramnarayan

Dear Sir,
I feel Defence Forces are being marginalised and starved of funding by NDA, even more than UPA. Besides, officer-ranks have been down-graded the most by 7CPC.
—Pushpendra Singh

Dear Sir,
This refers to the articles on state of defence preparedness under the NDA Government. Unless equipment reaches the soldiers, signing of defence deals has no meaning. Decision making has to be fast. Government of the days pays utter disregard to defence preparedness which is evident from the fact that the country does not have a full time defence minister. With China breathing down our neck, we have still adopted ostriches’ approach. Sad.
—Parladh Randhawa

Dear Sir,
I am not expert on defence matters, but can boldly say that unless we get rid of bureaucratic hurdles in ministry of defence we can’t achieve much. Our armed forces should be given full powers to buy all what needs to be bought to give befitting reply to hostile neighbours as and when they engage us in war. This is possible only if the armed forces are properly funded. We need a full time defence minister who could sideline the babus and listen more to the chiefs of armed forces. Why are we also talking about preparation for short intensive war? We must be prepared to fight even longer conflicts.

—Virendra Singh

Dear Sir,
This has reference to the SALUTE issue on the state of defence preparedness. Glad someone is seeing the issues to their rightful conclusion!Anything made in India is twice as good as an import as it is assured. We need to follow the Chinese model in some respect They are not necessarily wrong, right across the spectrum of their thinking.
—Rajinder Verma

Dear Sir,
Your issue on the state of defence preparedness was very comprehensive. While the process of importing arms and ammunition goes on, the pace of production of indigenous weapons and ammunition of desired specification must be done on fast track mode without compromising their quality while meeting the enhanced targets.
—Col Bishwajit Gon

Dear Sir,
The issue on state of defence preparation after three years of NDA rule made great reading, having as it did, 360 degrees coverage of all salient issues which bring to fore our criticality in right perspective. It not only needs sound knowledge but intent on part of the government to put action plan in place and make it happen.
—Col Ashok Kumar Singh

Dear Sir,
We just don’t have enough money to modernise everything at one go. It will take long time and concerted effort.What most people don’t know about Modi’s visit to critical nations that always fly under radar like Spain, Mexico, Portugal etc. is that they have established military ammunition manufacturing capability and deals are sealed with them. We have few advantages like battle hardened troops, excellent experience, strategy, tactics in fighting High Altitude warfare. This goes for all three branches of combat. Chinese got their backside kicked in south Sudan on UN mission of protecting aid workers. The aid organisations that hold great sway on UN ask explicitly for Indian troops. The Indian media needs to highlight this aspect also.
—Kris Singh

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