Dear Sir,

This refers to the account of the 1965 war, in SALUTE, Issue11. War is a serious business. A Subaltern’s Story by Col Barua was a very moving and inspiring account. I could feel the action played out.

—Col Yashbir Singh

Dear Sir,

Reading the account by Col Barua of the battles in which 2/5 GR took part in, in the 1965 Indo-Pak war made me feel as I was part of the assaulting troops. It was heart touching.

—Col Rana Laxman

Dear Sir,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the very moving battle account by Col Barua in your July – August issue. We are proud of the brave men who fought the real war.

—Col Pradeep Tewari

Dear Sir,

I was impressed with the battle account – A Subaltern’s Story. I could correlate my experience of war in 1971 Kargil sector, where we captured the Brachil pass.

—Col RC Jaswal

Dear Sir,

This refers to the Editorial in SALUTE, ‘Smoke and Dust’ (July- August 2018). The editorial has brought out all points very well, but I differ with the editor, when he berates the veterans for criticising the Service Chiefs. I think the editor has been a bit harsh there. If not the veterans, who else will show the mirror to the Chief? I agree it should be done discretely and without ‘abuse’ of freedom or being opinionated. However, while the veterans may not have done much while in uniform, as stated by the editor, but hind sight and rubbing shoulders with the civilian polity does bring in clarity. It is up to the Chief to decide what is right or wrong but perceptions do matter. As an example, we need to consider why a large number of officers had to invoke the Supreme Court on the issue of AFSPA. This should have been dealt with by the Army hierarchy. And the buck stops with the Chief. It is the duty of the Army leadership to provide the wherewithal, both material and psychological, to the junior ranks who  are tasked to do the job at hand.

-Col Narender Sheoran

Dear Sir,

As an outsider for the most respected Armed Forces, I think it is important to take the constructive opinion of the veterans into consideration. You all are Veterans yourself now of course, and have been great able officers too. I think your opinion matters most as now you can see the situation from the other side, when the uniform is off (Editorial – Smoke and Dust refers).

Dear Sir,

This refers to the article ‘Smoke and Dust’. I agree 100% with the  General.

—Vijayasarathy Natesan

Dear Sir,

I found the article ‘High Jinx that may cause a Cabal to collapse’ very well thought out and researched (SALUTE – Issue 10). I am very impressed with the West Bengal part. My family has been a victim to the partition and my late father & uncle were very anti Nehru & Gandhi because of the partition. And yes, that Bengalee Arbachin word is very much applicable to the present Congress President. I think for revival of Congress, they must do away with the so called Gandhi family

—Col Shakti Ranjan Banerjee

Dear Sir,

This refers to the article by Air Marshal Nambiar in SALUTE Issue 11. I think the Air Marshal has laid out very ambitious and positive plans for the future. I do hope MoD and PMO are on board with these plans. If we achieve this in the next 15 years, India would start feeling safe. Obviously, the Make in India would cover Army and Navy also as the advancement of technology would cover the rest of nation.

—Rakesh Mittal

Dear Sir,

The article on Kumbhalgarh Fort by Aarti Pathak was very interesting and we got to learn a lot about this fort. The best part was about how the fort got its name. The author made it sound more intriguing and now the interest is piqued! Will have to visit it once for sure. And a special thanks for the useful tips on parking and hiring guide. They make so much sense. Good job and we hope to see more articles like this… So do keep traveling and writing.

—Ritika Prasad, Los Angeles

Dear Sir,

I found the story about the medieval fort of Kumbhalgarh in Rajasthan, very informative and absorbing. The author has also given some very useful practical tips for travellers of today.

—Swapna Eleswarupu, Mumbai

Dear Sir,

I had seen some Facebook posts about the Kumbhalgarh Fort and used to wonder about it. I had no idea about the fascinating history behind it. The way it must have been made in those times, the wars it has witnessed, the brave men and women who have lived in it… there is so much to it. We Indians really do not know enough about our own heritage. We know of Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids, Leaning Tower etc… how much do we know about our own historical marvels? It upsets me that this glorious fort has been around for centuries and I read about it in detail only now. I read about some brilliant ancient temples in the South India recently and I was amazed. Again I had known nothing about them till a few years ago. Thank you Salute magazine for publishing such articles.

—Ananya Suri, Delhi

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