Dear Sir,

This has reference to the article, Game of Thrones: The India China Reset. China has been testing IA and Modi Govt resolve based on inputs form ISI and Pakistan who consider China as their saviour. It has happened before too while Xi Jinping was in Gujarat meeting Modi. India stayed firm and as a result, CMC and PLA HQ was taken aback by Indian resolve. Let us not forget about the Chinese experience in Indian Ocean when they were squarely in the cross hair of Arihant and Chakra as given out in the statement by the Indian Navy that Chinese navy is tracked in Indian Ocean, of which PLAN was unaware. Even during Ex Gagan Shakti PLAAF was surprised by the capabilities of the IAF. Chinese internal report talks about superiority of SU-30MKI over SU-30MKK, Mirage and Tejas over J10 Thunder and the flying skills of IAF in towering mountains of Himalayas where mountains can provide the clutter to confuse radars and missiles, manoeuvring high speed fighter jets requires skills that is pretty much sole domain of IAF, PAF. The reports from front commanders, observers from Tibet forced Beijing and CMC to grudgingly acknowledge Indian Capability and capacity and that has led to healthy respect.

                                                                                                                                         —Kris Singh

Dear Sir,

Some thoughts on the article, ‘Game of Thrones: The India China Reset’. It is simple: China pushes at weak ends. We as a country are meek because we have been inappropriately led politically. As a result we still do not have a Mountain Strike Corps. On a disputed border we put Home Ministry forces. The Army sits back. We talk peace like Nehru did. We have an Army ill equipped to fight a war, specially so in the mountains. Let alone ammunition and other things we don’t even have enough sets of clothing to equip our forces to fight in the mountains. As of today we stand disadvantaged in a prolonged conflict with the Chinese. Let us not talk of short sharp conflicts and expect that the US will come to our rescue. We are always talking about fighting a defensive battle against the Chinese. Lets for a change have an offensive mindset and start to move things accordingly. The military brass needs to learn how to push things to the Government or they should pack their bags and go home.

                                                                                                                                 —Col JPS Grewal

Dear Sir,

Game of Thrones: The India China Reset was an excellent write up and update! However, we see a different kind of reset. A reset, reversion to factory settings and for India, implies going to 1962 days in military sense. But for China, instead of a reset, it’s an offset…offsetting and upstaging resources and expanding its span including area of influence enabling it to take on US making the world bipolar. In present circumstances, India has yet to match China and putting ourselves in any kind of comparison would amount to be in state of denial. China has been restraining itself for want of economic compulsions wherein we have given him a huge customer and business base on a platter to sink/ swamp it’s cheap though substandard products. The lack of total self sufficiency and failure of make India vis a vis China’s huge stride in massive production of armaments domestically has squarely put India out of reset business. The destruction of moral fabric and pride by politico bureaucratic duo should have been factored in here which has impacted the efficacy of Indian AFs to put up a winning effort specially in a two pronged scenario.

                                                                                                                                 —Vibhuti Bharati

Dear Sir,

In the article Game of Thrones: The India China Reset, the author has given in a short, crisp write-up on the Chinese way of dealing from a position of strength at the international level, especially with a competitive neighbour. Well, while they create a conflict situation as in Doklam, they can even get political opposition parties such as the Congress in India to pin prick their own government. It is all part of their “warfare”. Their current strength of the military is stated to be
2.4 million & defence budget 216 billion!

                                                                                                              —Maj Gen Harwant Krishan

Dear Sir,

This is in reference to the article by Gen. Sudhir Sharma. Over a period of time, lots of ESM are settled in the periphery of cantonments. Opening the road will help them to approach, ECHS, MH and CSD. It save unnecessary running of vehicle by taking long route thereby precious petrol and time.

                                                                                                                 —Ramachandran Vizhakat

Dear Sir,

The column By Gen. Sharma was comprehensive and informative. The order of the RM has pitted civilians against the army, just as OROP — one rank and five pensions has made the army to be seen in negative light, that army is being paid at the cost of the taxpayers, on the next day when diluted OROP was announced , the hon’ble PM said while addressing workers in Chandigarh that army has been given the OROP at the cost of poor people, the image of the army stands tarnished in the eyes of civilians, by and large the general public thinks that army is being maintained at their cost, out of taxes that they pay! Whatever image remained that too has been sullied by the opening of Cantonments. It is army vs civilians now.

                                                                                                                                    —Bimla Sagwal

Dear Sir,

The order to open roads in cantonments is ill conceived and reflects poorly on the sensitivity and understanding of the role of the Armed Forces in the larger perspective and multiple dimensions of national security.

                                                                                                                  —Navin Kumar Chaudhry

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