Dear Sir,

This refers to the SALUTE issue on Countering Terrorism. Sorry to say bluntly that we have been only talking and talking since last 70 years.The problem remains the same. We are unnecessarily chary to use our might against Pakistan that we are accepting all kind of nonsense from them and losing our soldiers on a daily basis. See the irony we are still having beating the retreat ceremony with Rangers, MFN status to Pakistan without getting anything in lieu, Pakistani actors, actresses and other so called musicians and singers doing business as usual. We do not see this kind of goodwill gesture anywhere in the world except in India. Why are we doing it and whom are we trying to please? We have to change our mindset. We have people in the country who still believe that we must continue the process of dialogue to find a lasting solution. Whom are we trying to fool except ourselves? India has to flex its muscles. We do not have to be cowed down by anyone. We should use all firepower resources at our disposal to inflict heavy casualties on the enemy. The country is not required to spend so much of money for having arsenal just for ceremonial purposes. We should force them to come to the negotiating table from a point of strength and not by pleading to them. Being a peace loving nation, which we are, does not imply to keep accepting nonsense from other countries at the cost of our own people. Diplomatic initiatives are okay if they lead to tangible results. The nation has to be ready and prepared to shed more blood to be able to live with dignity and honour thereafter. The problem will have to be solved by us and lets not live in fool’s paradise that somebody else will fight for us and make living safer for us. Last but not the least, let us remain optimistic regarding changing our mindset.

—Col Pamal Kumar Popli

Dear Sir,

Whenever and wherever there is a gap, the infiltration takes place. Since the defence forces created a gap amongst themselves, the babus very smartly, with the help of political bosses, occupied key decision making places. Now we play second fiddle to them. Nothing will improve till we in the defence forces clean our own house and act in one voice.

—Vrajendra Dev Bhanot

Dear Sir,

After reading the SALUTE issue on countering terrorism, there is little that any one can add or subtract. Those required to make cutting edge policies are protected round the clock by all sorts of protective paraphernalia having different names. How can such policy makers be conversant with what terror is or what the aftermath of terror attacks will result into? Even our Apex Court and other law courts, as also our chair bound bureaucracy are apologies in the making, if they are not there already. We are well conversant with the chilling reality, but as a country, we will remain fettered to worshipping divisiveness, minority appeasement and vote bank politics even if it means many more divisions of this great nation, India.

—Ramchandra Singh

Dear Sir,

The Super Powers thrive on Terrorism to sell their arms on which depends their national economies! They will condemn terrorism against India without naming and shaming Pakistan. A charade to befool PM Modi, who is a ‘babe in the woods’ in international diplomacy! Terrorism in Kashmir Valley can be stopped if BJP government withdraws support to PDP Mehbooba Mufti who is sympathiser of Separatists in Kashmir Valley!

—Col Nisar Ahmed Ansari

Dear Sir,

It is the selfishness of political parties and the vested interests of Babu’s that insurgency has taken such a long time. In the past there were many opportunities when it could have been solved,but for the vote bank gains no political party including the present one solved it. Unfortunately no beginning has been made even now

—JM Singh

Dear Sir,

Tackling terror should be a mandatory subject in schools/colleges. This scourge isn’t going to fade away. Neither will political interests; making masses aware is part of the solution. We never learnt our lessons from Samba case and there are many more where political interests over-ride and people in uniform working for the nation are first victims and often the fall guy.

—Sanjay Sangwan

Dear Sir,

The truth is no political party has the WILL to tackle the problem. The delay in a qualitative and coordinated action, seems to be in the interest of the political party to gain mileage in parliament. But definitely, there is a hope from the present leadership of political party as well as from the Army.

—Devender Pal Singh

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