Faujis are adventure seekers and they often satiate their appetite for it by travelling, especially with Fauji brethren. If you have a lust for travel too, you might want to read this article and identify yourself (or your friends) from the type of travellers that each group of travellers has!

The Planner

This Fauji traveller is the one who makes all the plans right from booking train tickets to looking up cheap hotels. He is also most likely to call up others in the group to initiate a travel plan. Needless to say, he is super active because the “Tiger” has just approved his muchawaited leave and he must make the most of it!

Once a Fauji, always a Fauji

Even when everyone is in the holiday mood, he continues to be in the Fauji mood. He does everything Fauji, even when he is taking time off to rejuvenate! Example? Well, for starters, he wakes up at 5AM and goes for a jog in his white shorts. For most part of the trip, he is dressed up the Fauji way—that’s right— the polo neck T shirt, neatly tucked into his jeans. How can his attire ever be complete without his gleaming white sports shoes?

The Siesta Lover

While others in the group are busy chalking out evening plans post lunch to explore the new place, he is found yawning. Why, you ask, “Bro! I need to catch up on my siesta!” That’s what you call afternoon nap hangover from Fauji life!

The Religious Fauji

By religious we don’t mean his devotion to God, but to Fauji ethics and code. Pretty much like a Fauji, he addresses every woman as ‘ma’am’ including the stranger ones who he passes by! He also addresses his seniors as ‘Sir’. Naturally, he overuses epithets throughout the trip.

The Cribber

This holiday, by the way, was just an excuse for him to go on a ranting spree against the CO or the CSO or anyone who he thinks is troubling him in the unit. Complaints, criticism, some more complaints and some more ranting— that pretty much sums up his entire trip in a few words!

The Nay Sayer!

He is the first one to say no everytime he is told about the travel. Typical reasons? “I have already been posted there and I know the place like the back of my hand!”, Or, “I am the Adjutant! Tiger would never let go of me!”

The Shopaholic

Like most Faujis, this one just needs an excuse to shop! A week before the trip begins, you will find him in the mall, buying the latest sports gear if you are going on a trek, or trendy beachwear if you’re headed to the beach. Never question a Fauji’s love for his track pants, tees and Reeboks!

The Loudspeaker

This one’s the announcer aka enthu cutlet (yes, that is an actual term!). He or she shows up on social media more often to announce and discuss the upcoming travel. Yes, you’re right! It is this person who makes the WhatsApp group called ‘Goa Trip’.

The Driver

The minute you share the travel plans, he pops the question, “Can we drive down?” Of course, he loves being behind the wheel and travelling is just one of his many reasons to do so!

The Paparazzi

You got it! He loves to click all the special moments of the trip, not to mention the scenic beauty. Check his camera and you are likely to find a million copies of the original photograph!

The Idea Giver

No matter what your holiday destination is, this type of traveller will always have important information (at least that is what he would like to think) about the holiday destination that you are headed to. As soon as you reveal the name of the destination, he has his list ready, “I was posted there! Pack some jackets and caps. It gets cold at night…” Well, this Fauji has been posted everywhere, or so it seems!

Ms Namrata Gulati Sapra is a freelancer journalist who writes for Corporate Citizen Magazine and a few other popular blogs. She is extremely passionate about writing and social issues. Other than that, she is a movie and music buff.

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