I consider myself very fortunate to have observed tremendous transformation taking place in the MIRC from the time of its inception, in 1979 April onwards from point zero.

My father Late Shri Bhishamber Dayal along with me reached MIRC (Ahmednagar) on Date 17/18 April 1979, when the centre was still in embryonic stage, struggling to find its feet by this time Brig MK Menon, first Commandant of MIRC, along with few officers including Col S Chakraborty had already arrived at Auto Regt, ACC&S location. Initial few days the new born Regt Centre commenced functioning from that location.

MIRC was allotted present location where it was to be located. It was an erstwhile stud farm located on barren & harsh piece of land absolutely deserted, waste land, with few dilapidated buildings scattered all round, of different sizes. There were very few roads. Area was full of neem and tamarind tall trees with lots of babul bushes as under growth. Movement was not easy. The place was full of poisonous snakes. Most of the buildings which were there at the time of raising are still there, baring few which after extensive repairs are being used as small shops, parking place and guest rooms. The details of a few are as under: Astha guest room is housed in one of the old structures. It was the office of First Commandant of MIRC. The barrack next to Astha Guest Room which has been now converted into guest rooms & gymnasium, was initially used as Deputy Commandant’s office. Administration office, Chief Instructor’s office, Centre Headquarters offices were also in the same congregation of buildings.

Present, SAPPS school area had two old building which were initially used as Bal-Niketan. A barrack behind Avantika guest room was used Quarter Guard and Kotes. An old shed next to Mech Bhavan was initially used as MT park, presently the building is being used as parking. We operated Wet Canteen in one of the old barracks which is presently being used as HRD (School) a portion of it was used as CSD Canteen.

The available accommodation was not fit for habitation/dwelling therefore number of tent colonies came up in designated areas, as the strength kept on increasing. Tent colonies came up in the area where we have officers’ quarters now. JCO’s and Regt/trained soldiers / staff were also housed in tents in the area of Peer baba. All tent accommodation were provided will cement plinth and electric connection. There were number of wells in this area which were reactivated and water supply from there wells was provided.

There was no transport available, hence as on required basis it was provided by ACC&S. Commandant was provided with a staff car by Auto Regiment till MIRC received its Military Transport fleet. A lot of changes look place to make this young centre efficient & effective from time to time. The real progress of building accommodation commenced well before colour presentation. By the time MIRC had colour presentation, Sundarji Officers Mess was ready. Avantika Guest House and parade ground was built in a short duration of time.

In the beginning movies were screened in the open with the help of mobile projector. This has now developed into the present D’souza Theatre. An extension counter of PNB was opened near gate No 3. MIRC now has a fully functional PNB branch in shopping complex area. MIRC green is another important feature. It was brought up under wasteland development project of environment ministry of Government of India. MIRC has come up as a small project self-sufficient in all aspects it is one of the best Regimental Centers of the country, it is transformation from a barren harsh waste land. Today the MIRC is producing well trained soldiers.

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