The wheels for writing Regimental History started spinning in early part of 2017, when Colonel of the Mechanised Infantry Regiment tasked me to commence work on the subject. The effort commenced by reading through the Regimental Histories and Coffee Table books of different units, institutions and Regiments. The cornucopia of the available material however did not satisfy me for narration of the history of the Regiment.

We set about forming an Editorial Team who would first delve into all resources available with the units and at the Regimental Centre. All veterans were contacted through emails and letters to get the personal experiences and role played by them in raising of the newly formed Mechanised Infantry Regiment. It was a revelation and delightful experience to join the shreds of information together in forming a mosaic which we have put together in this Salute Magazine Special Issue.

There are still many voids and many questions unanswered for which we request the veteran fraternity to help us in completing the mosaic. This issue of SALUTE magazine is just the precursor for writing of final history which is also under compilation at MIRC.

I am sanguine that young officers after reading this SALUTE magazine will get an overview of the origins and growth of the Mechanised Infantry Regiment. In the end, I wish to thank the Colonel of the Mechanised Infantry Regiment for giving us this opportunity to compile the history. I also wish to thank all veterans, ladies and civilians who have made this SALUTE magazine possible.

HQ MIRC, Ahmednagar                                      

04 November 2017

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