Dear Sir,

I loved reading the story of the Kutch Operations by Col Hariharan. It is so well written that one does not mind the length, nearly 3,000 words.I also liked the editorial, Shape Perceptions — But Don’t Muddy the Waters. You certainly have a way with words.

—Sudip Talukdar

Dear Sir,

This refers to the article on the Battle of Haifa. One charge and multiple strategic outcomes all courtesy the courageous Indian Cavalry. Why are such nuggets of history not spoken about or taught in our schools and colleges? Instead we are taught Babur, Lodhi and the British Raj who only plundered looted, raped, killed and destroyed.

—Sanjay Sangwan

Dear Sir,

This refers to the Battle of Haifa. I don’t know why history has been manipulated in a way that our heroes have been kept in the dungeons and villains have been glorified. When you teach such history how do you expect the generations to grow. Do we lack pride?

   —Navtej Nijjar

Dear Sir,

Your review of the orders asking the Army to clear litter from snow bound areas is correct. Army has been in the forefront of environment and wildlife protection for long. In fact, instead of asking Army to clean up, suggestion could have been asked on how to sort out this mess. Army’s involvement in nature conservation was started by establishing an ecology cell at the Army Headquarters, not by any order from the Defence Ministry but by the then Army Chief late Gen Sundarji.

—Col Shakti Ranjan Banerjee

Dear Sir,

This refers to your editorial, ‘Shape Perceptions, But do not Muddy the Waters’. Some suggestions I would add are:-Include cleanliness and care of environment as an essential paper in the syllabi of all schools, colleges and all selection processes for Govt and private sector jobs and in entrance exams for Medical, Engineering, Law, CA, CPL and similar coveted professional training courses.

Ban use of non durable plastic ruthlessly in every sphere except lifesaving medicare. Incentivise composting and biomass gas. Impose harsh penalties for spitting, ODF violation, littering, dry leaf and straw stub burning. Each officer of a Railway Zone across all cadres, above a certain level, be accountable for cleanliness along specified stretch of track and specified stations and penalised for defaults.

Each SHO, Patwari, Tehsildar, SDO, Govt officials of all hues be made accountable for violations/defaults and fast/slow tracked for promotions. In urban and semi urban areas have tribunals empowered to impose financial penalties for violators. We need more than sermons to make India clean.

—Col Milind Ranade

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