The Chinese Dragon was always viewed with some amount of trepidation ever since the Korean War. I have read many books written by Chinese and the biography on Mao revealed that during the Korean War, even when the North was losing, Mao refused to give up, as he said he had millions of Chinese who could be sent to the front. They were used as cannon fodder.

China has come a long way since the Mao era, but it has also, under the nose of the U.S., proliferated weapons of mass destruction to North Korea and Pakistan. In fact, were it not for China’s active support North Korea would have ceased to exist as a rogue state. It seems China likes to keep monsters in its backyard much as Pakistan does. Perhaps this is why it refuses to declare Masood Azhar a terrorist even though China is quite clear on the terror strikes he has been involved with in India.

Perhaps in a crazy way they equate the Dalai Lama, a man of peace, almost worshiped around the world, with Azhar – a man with the blood of many innocents on his hands. Even after decades, they cannot countenance the fact that India gave this man of God, sanctuary.

Today, China has allowed North Korea to threaten the U.S. with an intercontinental ballistic missile, which North Korea would have had to get help from China to develop. The Presidentelect Trump has said clearly that it cannot scare America and is suspicious of the game China in playing, as he should be. China would be stupid not to deter North Korea and equally shortsighted not to accept that Masood Azhar is a terrorist. After all, such people can make things very bad for the great economic corridor that China is building right through Pakistan. It would be far better to help to put them away.

To the world at large it is clear that China is supporting states that sponsor terror and their insistence on a harmonious society and world rings hollow. One of America’s greatest Generals- MacArthur said during the darkest period of World War II:“I have no fear that we will not ultimately defeat the Japanese, nor do I fear any dread of conquest by them. My great fear is the Chinese, with their increasing militancy and aggressive tendency, they’re the great Asiatic menace.”MacArthur’s words are prophetic and should be taken seriously. China controls the minds and lives of 1.5 billion people and has brainwashed them into thinking they will be the next great power.

With China taking over territory near the Philippines and securing them with lethal weapons, while the world is distracted by the civil war in the Middle East, it is clear that unless stopped, China will ultimately control Pakistan as it has done Tibet and slowly but surely colonise African states that have the resources it seeks. And in the process it will protect and feed terrorist states.

If this gives them the unique title of a nation supporting terrorist states, so be it. China has never cared much about International bodies or international laws. In fact, their own draconian laws only apply to its citizens. China seeks more territory and more power. It will do anything to achieve this. This is a challenge India will have to continue to face in 2017.

Freelance journalist Ashali Varma has authored the biography of her father late Lt. Gen. PS Bhagat — ‘The Victoria Cross: A Love Story’. She was executive producer with the International Commentary Service Inc, New York in 1990. She was the executive publisher of The Earth Times, New York (1992- 98). She has also worked as the editor of Choices Magazine, United Nations Development Programme. She writes on various issues including human rights, population and sustainable development. This article first appeared in the Times of India blog, January 4, 2017.

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