“A mother weeps, A family grieves, Your promises, Nobody believes”. This is a poignant lament aimed at political leaders and decision-makers by those deprived of their beloved husbands, sons, brothers of fathers serving in Indian Army and martyred in the countless terrorist attacks by Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir. A mourner awaiting his brother’s mortal remains after the 10 February 2018 terrorist attack on Army’s family quarters in Sunjuwan says politicans should have sons serving in the Army so that they know what it means to lose them in this asymmetric war.

While families all over the country who have lost their dear ones serving in the Army are grieving, people of Jammu are seething as villages all along the Indian side of the International Boundary have been targeted by Pakistani forces with small arms and mortars for months and finally even Jammu itself has been attacked. Two days later it was Karan Nagar, Srinagar.

The Army and security forces (SFs) are not only battling an enemy neighbour exporting indoctrinated zombie terrorists as proxy force-multipliers but also a large combo of ungrateful traitors in Kashmir Valley, failed politicians indulging in rotten politics and leftists/pseudo-secularists/apologists/peaceniks. The traitors of the Valley are in two categories. First in this category are those who masquerade as ‘separatists’ — lackeys of Pak army/the infamous Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), who are agents of death and destruction for their Kashmiri brethren by way of organising / financing / directing Pak-supported terrorism, radicalisation etc. Crores of Rs. of public money is spent on their upkeep. No matter how many surgical strikes the Army launches, they ensure that Pakistani terrorists who have infiltrated into J&K are looked after and facilitated for their bloody aims. Also, they help in motivating/enticing Kashmiri youth to join terrorist organisations. Close to 200 young Kashmiris have been recruited into both Kashmiri and Pakistani terrorist outfits. These traitors are also organisers of stone pelting/rioting mobs heckling Indian Army and SFs during counter-terrorist operations.

And the second in this category are some Kashmiri politicians on the payroll of ISI, who try to ensure that Pakistan’s writ runs in governance/lack of it/mis-governance in J&K. Both these categories abuse/run down India while enjoying all its benefits. The failed Indian politicians and apologists etc augment Pakistan’s propaganda/lies/ psychological warfare efforts by repeatedly scoring self goals for Pakistan. All these have been great liabilities for India’s security.

On 27 January 2018, an army administrative convoy passing through Ganaupura Chowk, Shopian came under intense stone pelting by a group of 200-250 persons. The rioters surrounded four vehicles of the convoy, extensively damaged and tried to set them on fire. When a junior commissioned officer (JCO) got hit on the head and fell unconscious, the mob tried to lynch him and snatch his weapon. Considering the extreme gravity of the situation following seven army personnel being severely injured and extensive damage caused to eleven vehicles, the army in sheer self-defence, opened fire resulting in two rioters succumbing to bullet injuries. A FIR was lodged against Maj Aditya Kumar, who was not even present on the site. The Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) promulgated to deploy army for counter-insurgency/terrorism duties and protects its personnel (like the Indian Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code protects policemen) and does not allow arrest without a special sanction on completion of inquiry required .

It is a crying shame that Maj Aditya’s father, Lt Col Karamveer Singh had to appeal for quashing of the FIR to the Supreme Court, which has issued notices to both the government of Jammu and Kashmir as well as to the Centre to file their reply within two weeks and not to take “coercive action” against Army personnel.

While reportedly Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman stated that Pakistan will pay for its misdeeds, what about those in India supporting Pakistan? Is it not well past high time that appropriate action is taken against the traitors and rioters mentioned and those politicians shouting pro-Pakistan slogans? The approach and narrative in J&K needs to be drastically changed. The traitors must be put in jails of states far from J&K and all slogan shouters/rioters must be booked/proceeded against to send a clear message in Kashmir Valley, period.

Lt Col Anil Bhat

Col Anil Bhat (retd) is an independent defence and security analyst he is also an Editor at Word Sword Features

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