The IMA CredoThe IMA Credo

‘The safety, honour and welfare of the country come first, always and every time’. The honour, welfare and comfort of the men you command come next. Your own ease, comfort and safety come last, always and every time’.

Award of Colours to IMA
Regimental Colours are the Ceremonial Flags of military regiments. Historically, their roots can be traced back to the Roman Empire. Colours are emblem of loyalty and courage and Indian Military Academy has the proud privilege of receiving the Colours thrice since it was raised as an acknowledgment of sacrifice of its alumni. On 18 November 1934, the then Viceroy, Lord Willingdon presented to the Academy the King’s Colours and Banner. The King George V Banner replaced the Viceroy’s Banner as the banner to be awarded to and held by the Champion Company. The Champion Company was decided on the basis of performance in drill, PT, riding, swimming and boxing, whereas the Viceroy’s

Banner was awarded for excellence in sports events, such as hockey, football, cricket, athletics, cross-country, etc.

On 10 December 1962, exactly thirty years after inception of the Military Academy, Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishanan, the then President of the Republic of India, presented new Colours to the Indian Military Academy in recognition of the gallant services of its Alumni in various wars and operations. The Passing-Out-Parade of the 30th and 31st Regular, 15th and 16th NCC and 16th and 17th Technical courses on 10 December 1962 was thus invested with a historic significance. The void that had been created with the laying up of the Academy’s King’s Colours a day before India became a Republic in 1950, was thus filled.

On 15 December 1976, a historic ceremonial event was the presentation of new colours at the Passing-out Parade of the 59th Regular and 42nd Technical Courses, by the then President, Sri Fakhrudin Ali Ahmed. The President received the

“Rashtriya Salute’ and reviewed the parade. The old colours were trooped and taken off the parade after which they were placed on the drums and consecrated by a Pandit, a Maulvi and a Priest. The new colours were received from the President by SUO DS Hooda and thereafter were reviewed on parade. While presenting the Colours the President remarked, “I hope the Colours will inspire you to have strength and resilience for the purpose of welfare and safety of your country. I am sure that you will maintain these traditions and keep the flag flying high”.


On a background of grey, signifying strength and resilience and blood red signifying sacrifice and devotion to duty, the crest is of crossed swords representing the Army and the upturned
torch signifying knowledge are covered in the centre by the King George’s Banner and King’s Regimental Colours Dharma Chakra, India’s national symbol. The scroll below

bears the motto, ‘Veerta aur Vivek’ meaning Valour and Wisdom. The crest is on the shield shaped formation sign worn on the left arm sleeve, as a cap badge and as a collar dog (badge) and on the institution’s flag. The IMA’s single breasted three buttons sports blazer, stands out distinctively as it is of vertical stripes of the colours, grey and blood red.

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