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The Indian Military Academy (IMA) is a globally pre-eminent institution for training gentlemen cadets in conformity with the cherished historical and cultural values of India and the Indian Army, historically acknowledged as among the best in the world. Gentlemen Cadets (GCs), as they are known, are progressively trained to develop operational and administrative leadership skills at sub-unit level to be capable of combating contemporary conflict realities, while also conditioning them for professional, intellectual excellence and the highest standards of physical and mental endurance as well as moral courage.

IMA is an institution where we make men out of boys and a soldier out of an ordinary student and each course that graduates is a revitalizing infusion into the Army. Military leadership qualities are very important in the making of an effective soldier and an officer. A true military leader leads from the front, setting an example for others and is also one who is not only mentally and physically tough but calm and composed in difficult situations. And most importantly, one who earns the trust of those he leads. We in this institution inculcate these qualities in young boys.

Development of physical skills is important in order to achieve a high standard of mental and physical fitness, with the ability to withstand protracted stress and strain and adapt to a soldier’s lifestyle. We also focus on the intellectual development of GCs, enhancing their communication skills and providing a scientific orientation so that they understand the impact of science in the field of warfare.

The entries that we receive in the IMA are Direct Entry (after three years of college), Ex NDA (Army Cadets from National Defence Academy), Ex ACC (Army Cadet College, where soldiers selected to be trained as officers undergo their first part of training), Technical Graduates, University Entry Scheme and cadets from friendly foreign countries. The integration of foreign cadets is also one of our key result areas in order to develop lasting bonds of camaraderie, professionalism and mutual respect amongst future officers of foreign Nations and ours. Till June 2018, 2,185 Foreign GCs from 33 friendly countries have been commissioned from IMA. Our training curriculum is so structured that each GC is able to lead an infantry platoon in all operations of war including counter insurgency.

An officer’s conduct and demeanor needs to be impeccable and be a role model for others to emulate. While in the line of duty there may be times when officers are faced with doubts, temptations, dilemmas and uncertainties. At such times, they should fall back on the guiding principle of the IMA motto, ‘Valour and Wisdom’ and the IMA credo, ‘The safety, honour and welfare of the country come first, always and every time. The honour, welfare and comfort of the men you command come next. Your own ease, comfort and safety come last, always and every time’. These words have inspired millions of many past generations and continue to hold true for future generations. While many of IMA’s alumni were highly decorated for valour during World War II, a very large number of them have done India proud in various wars and conflicts since Independence and kept the flag of the country flying high.


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