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Salute Magazine covers matters related to India’s armed forces and a range of national security and military issues important to the defence establishment of India

SALUTE, as this monthly magazine has come to be known, had been published from 2009, in New Delhi, where it is registered as “Salute to the Indian soldier” with the Registrar of Newspapers in India in 2008. Its founders were ex-Major NS Sangwan, then MLA in Haryana, MrsVineeta Sangwan, Mr Amar Mittal, a chartered accountant, ex-Major Maroof Raza, a media person. Its founding editor and ideator was ex-Lt. Cdr Atul Bharadwaj. Having started as a weekly broadsheet publication, SALUTE was soon transformed into an A4 size glossy covered monthly magazine, which it has remained since then.

Its look and design has been consistent since 2010 when the magazine went into a two-year partnership with ‘The Pioneer’ a New Delhi based daily newspapers. However, the editorship of was by now in the hands of Air Cmde (retd) Prashant Dixit, who continued as its Editor till 2015. Thereafter the editorship of the magazine shifted to Maj. Gen (retd.) Dhruv Katoch, earlier Director of the Centre for Land Warfare Studies. The other long-standing team members of the SALUTE team are Lt.Col (retd.) Anil Bhat, a former PRO of the Army and now a contributing columnist in newspapers, Mr. Subho De an established designer of magazines. Hony. Capt (retd. Subedar) Baldev Singh has from the start managed the magazine’s publication and distribution. The magazine continues to be managed by Maroof Raza, one of the founders of this publication.

The focus of the magazine has been on matters related to India’s armed forces. SALUTE is well read by the members of India’s defence ministry and it’s the armed forces community, as also by our retired military and government officials at prestigious Institutions and Clubs across India, where it is available in their reading rooms. Each month, SALUTE covers a range of national security and military issues that are of importance to the defence establishment, the armed and police forces. This then reaches thousands of readers per month, through its print and website editions.

The magazine also provides a unique publication such as its ‘special issues’ on the various Regiments and military Commands of the Indian armed forces. These editions on institutions of India’s armed forces have their history compiled with rare photographs in a softcover or hard-backed but slim volume, and are regarded as a collector’s item.

SALUTE has consistently delivered to the expectations of its readers and was particularly in the list of favoured readings of the late former Indian defence minister, Mr Manohar Parirkar.

Maroof Raza

Maroof Raza



Maj. Gen (retd.) Dhruv Katoch

Editor In Chief


Hony. Capt (Retd. Subedar) Baldev Singh

Operations and Marketing


Lt.Col (retd.) Anil Bhat


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