Tamatar Kadhi aur Kurkuri Bhindi: A Great Desi Dish

After a phase of trying out various world cuisines, I need to get back to my roots and try something Indian. I recalled a recipe I came across a while back for tamatar kadhi and really craved the delicious flavour of sour tomato curry. But to add a bite to it, I paired it with some Kurkuri Bhindi. Served with some freshly made rice, the meal was just delicious! And very light on the stomach too! So do go ahead and try it out… you’re going to love this one. For those of you who don’t like the usual gooey texture of bhindi, this one might just change your opinion on this veggie:)So without further ado, lets begin!


? 3-4 tomatoes chopped
? 3-4 tomatoes puréed with an inch of ginger and 3 – 4 garlic cloves
? Fresh curry leaves
? Green chilli 1-2 sliced
? Methi (Fenugreek) seeds 1/2 tea spoon
? Sarson (Mustard seeds) 1/2 tea spoon
? Jeera (Cumin seeds) 1/2 tea spoon
? Haldi (Turmeric) powder 1/2 tea spoon
? Red chilli powder 1/2 tea spoon
? Besan (Gram Flour) 2 tea spoon mixed in water
? Salt to taste
? Oil 2 tablespoon

Heat oil in a pan. When the oil is hot, add the Sarson seeds. Allow to simmer and then follow with Jeera and Methi seeds. Now it’s time to add the fresh curry leaves. Keep the lid of the pan handy when adding the curry leaves and cover immediately as the leaves cause a lot of splatter, especially if they have just been washed! Now it’s time to add the tomato, ginger and garlic purée. Sauté and cover for roughly five minutes. Add haldi, chilli powder and salt. Sauté and add the chopped tomatoes and sliced green chillies. Cover for another 6 to 8 minutes. Now add the besan. Mix two tea spoons of besan in water and add this to the tomatoes. Add some more water as desired depending on the consistency you prefer. I added about half a cup of water. Mix well and cover for another five minutes. Voila! Your flavourful, tangy Tamatar Kadhi is ready.


? Okra (Bhindi/ Lady Finger)-I got a packet of large bhindis which had about 8-10 bhindis.I sliced my
bhindis diagonally
? Besan 2 – 3 tablespoon
? Ajwain (Carom Seeds) – 1 tea spoon
? Red Chilli Powder – 1 tea spoon
? Jeera (Cumin) Powder – 1 tea spoon
? Vinegar 1 tea spoon
? Salt to taste
? Oil to deep fry.

Put the sliced bhindi in a deep bowl. Add vinegar to this. Follow this with ajwain, jeera powder, chilli powder, besan and salt. Give this mixture a good shake but remember not to apply any pressure to the bhindis. Just let the spices and besan get coated to the bhindi. When the oil is hot, drop bhindi into it to deep fry. Fry for a few minutes, till the bhindi looks ready. Fry the bhindi in smaller batches if you prefer as it will be easier to manage. When it’s done, take out and place on a tissue to remove all excess oil. And there you have it, your crispy bhindi is ready. Serve the tomato kadhi and the kurkuri bhindi with some freshly made rice. Hope you enjoy this light, healthy and flavourful combo:)

Ms Aditi Pathak is based in Singapore. Widely travelled and from a Services background, cooking is one of her many passions.

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