As someone following a Vegan diet it was really heartening to find vegan milk and yogurt so as to be able to keep the fasts that appeal to me. This time I am sharing the Vegan thali I eat on these fasting days. Use this time to give your body light but nutritious foods like boiled potatoes, peanuts, makhana, dairy free milk and yogurt, fresh fruits, dry fruits of your choice, salads and I am sure you will feel fresh and revitalised. I accompany my meals with a glass of almond milk smoothie with fruits like banana, mixed berries and pineapple. Initially, it is very difficult to go without wheat and you may experience discomfort or even weight loss, especially those going dairy free. Hence, I suggest accompanying your meals with smoothies as it will help you to feel fuller and retain energy. So I am sharing this post for all my Vegan friends who need some inspiration on going ahead with these cleansing fasts.

Sabudana Vada: Ingredients

1 cup soaked sabudana, 1 large boiled potato, peanuts, salt, oil for deep frying.


Strain the soaked sabudana and let this sit for at least an hour. In a large bowl, add the sabudana along with the potato and a handful of peanuts. Add salt. Mash the potato into the sabudana till the whole mixture combines. Now proceed to make patties from this. Let these sit aside for some time while you allow the oil to heat. When the oil is hot, add the patties. Cook on both sides till they turn brown. Remove from oil into a paper napkin and serve hot.

Aloo Curry: Ingredients

4-5 boiled potatoes, 1-2 tomatoes chopped, a piece of ginger finely chopped, turmeric, jeera, salt, oil


For this simple curry, heat some oil in a deep pan. Add the jeera seeds followed by ginger. Then add the boiled potatoes roughly broken with your hands. Mix and let cook for a few minutes. Now add the turmeric and salt and add some water. Finally, add chopped tomato pieces. Let this come to a boil once, then turn off the flame. The curry is ready to serve.


This time I made makhana kheer. Dry roast a cup of makhana on a pan then roughly break them into smaller pieces and set aside. Bring some almond milk to a boil and add sugar and makhana pieces. Let cook for few minutes. Garnish with your favourite dry fruits before serving.


I get almond milk yogurt here so I made a raita of this by adding chopped cucumber and tomatoes and added some rock salt.

Kuttu Atta Puri: Ingredients

1 cup kuttu atta, 1boiled potato, 1 tea spoon salt, oil to deep fry


To one cup kuttu atta, add one tea spoon rock salt and mash one large boiled potato into this. Once the potato is nicely mashed, knead to a workable tight dough. You can add water, but only add very little at a time to prevent the dough from becoming too gooey. Also, during the combining process, keep a butter knife with you and keep removing any clumps sticking to your palms. It will also help if you rub some oil into your palms and then commence binding your dough. When the dough is ready, keep some oil to heat while you prepare the puris. Take a small ball size bit of the dough and try to flatten it with your fingers and palm. Flatten out as much as possible. You do not make this as thin as wheat puris but try to flatten out as much as possible without breaking the sides. If the sides get broken, you can just ‘fix’ it using a touch of water to ‘glue’ the edges together. Deep fry in hot oil. If the thickness was right your puri will fluff up. Cook both sides then remove from oil. Enjoy.

Ms Aditi Pathak is based in Singapore. Widely travelled and from a Services background, cooking is one of her many passions.

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