Roasted Red Pepper Soup: A Delicious Appetiser

Roasted Red Pepper Soup is a light pureed soup which will surprise those who didn’t realise they were pepper lovers at heart. It’s a simple soup, which can be served with a dollop of sour cream, if desired.


  1. Red Peppers 3 – 4
  2. Onions 1 – 2
  3. Garlic pods 5 – 6
  4. Olive Oil 2 tablespoons
  5. Water 2 cups
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Pepper
  8. Butter

Start by washing the peppers thoroughly. Then get your oven ready as you will be roasting your peppers in an oven. Let this heat at 180 degrees.

To prepare the vegetables for roasting, cut the peppers and onions to about an inch thick and place in the oven tray. Peel the garlic and add this into the tray too. Now add the olive oil over the vegetables and mix well. By now your oven should be ready so place the oven tray with the vegetables into the oven to roast. This should take about 20 minutes but keep an eye on the vegetables to see their progress. You will hear the vegetables sizzling as they roast slowly to get a nice brownish tinge along the edges. The time given is only an estimate so use your judgment to see if the vegetables are ready. The idea is to roast them till they are slightly wilted and have developed slightly charred edges.

When the vegetables are done remove from the oven and let them cool for some time. Once sufficiently cool, add all of the vegetables into a blender and add some water to help the vegetables blend into a fine thick consistency.

Now comes the final step. Take a heavy bottomed deep pan and place it on the hob on low heat. Now strain the blended vegetables into this deep pan. Straining will remove any remaining blobs and give you a perfect soupy smooth mix. Now add water slowly as you don’t want to turn this soup too runny. The best consistency is slightly thick. As the soup warms up slowly you can adjust the taste by adding salt and pepper. Add more water if you like your soup slightly thinner but be careful with such experiments as once it becomes too runny it will take a long time to heat and bring back to a thicker consistency.

Once you are happy with the taste you can leave this aside to cool down a bit before you serve. Remember, soups are best served hot but not straight off the heat. I serve this as an appetiser and only add a bit of butter and freshly ground black pepper before serving. This soup is so delicious on its own that I don’t even add croutons as it seems to interfere with the rich smooth and creamy texture of roasted peppers. As you can see from the pic, the colour too comes out so intense that it visually draws you to this healthy and tasty soup. Though as I always say, feel free to customise any dish to your liking. If you like croutons add them! If you want to garnish with some basil leaves or even our household staple coriander then go ahead and do just that. Do try this Roasted Red Pepper Soup sometime and enjoy the rich roasted fragrance, the deep reddish colour and the amazing hearty taste.

Ms Aditi Pathak is based in Singapore. Widely travelled and from a Services background, cooking is one of her many passions.

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